“There are..ways of reacting to..traumatic events: ..The way of the superego is that of sacrifice to the obscure gods: the reassertion of the barbaric violence of the savage obscene law in order to fill the gap of the failing symbolic law.” – Slavoj Zizek, Lenin’s Choice, p251

“I no longer trust my own …experience, but expect the Other to tell me how I really feel. …I do retain my feelings, but [they] are externalized… This…dependence [we find in today’s] obsession with quality ‘relationships’.” – S.Zizek

“…Subjects experience the need to have a good time, to really enjoy themselves, as a kind of duty, and …feel guilty for failing to be happy. …Superego is the reversal of the permissive “You May!” into the prescriptive “You Must!”, the point in which permitted enjoyment turns into …”You must obey my orders and do your duty” but “You must do it with pleasure…” It is not enough for the subjects to obey…, they must actively love him. This passage from traditional authoritarian power to modern totalitarianism can be …rendered through superego.” – S.Zizek. The Superego and the Act