“this structure of woman as a symptom of man can be operative only insofar as the man is confronted with his Other Thing,..which ‘‘reads’’ his deepest dreams and returns them to him as his symptom, as his own message, which the subject is not ready to acknowledge.” – slavoj zizek on lacan

“Wagner was Nietzsche’s symptom: the element Nietzsche..needed in order for his thought to retain its..coherence by way of projecting into it all that he found..despicable in himself—the attempt to cut off all links with Wagner thus..ended in his..breakdown.” – S.Zizek. In: “Gaze And Voice As Love Objects” – “Nietzsche’s last written text.. is Nietzsche contra Wagner.., finished at Christmas 1888, a few days before his..mental collapse. ..Nietzsche’s problem is, how do I know I’m not just another Wagnerian, another victim of hysterical hallucinations?” – Slavoj Zizek