“Lévi-Strauss claims that objects in tribal societies may be assigned to a certain category not simply because they possess properties definitive of that class, but also on the basis of symbolic associations with existing members of the species. As Simon Clarke puts it, ‘A classification [in such societies] does not have an overall logic, but a series of “local logics”, since items can be associated with one another according to very different criteria. The rules in question are many and varied, and can differ from society to society.’” – TERRY EAGLETON citing Clarke http://ift.tt/1e7u07Q

“The freedom which modern civilization prizes as its spiritual essence is also a kind of vacancy at its heart. Absolute freedom spells the death of difference.” – Absolute freedom is Thanatos in the flesh. A frenziedly abstract drive rides roughshod over concrete particulars – but since it cannot find an image of itself in any of them, it loses grip on itself and lapses into a kind of nothing.
Holy Terror (Eagleton, Terry.) http://ift.tt/1Cjkogk