“Fantasies always involve an act that deprives us of the object before we obtain it, and it is in this deprivation that we enjoy in the fantasy. We fantasize the object at a distance in order that we can properly enjoy the object. Once we recognize this, everything changes. Even the most ideological Hollywood fantasies require this distance from the object to function effectively. Our ability to enjoy these fantasies depends not on their ideological function of enabling us to imagine ourselves obtaining the impossible object. We enjoy these fantasies because they make the object impossible. Obtaining the object is a small pleasure that arrives at the end, never the source of the fantasmatic enjoyment. Of course, there are ideological fantasies, but fantasy as such, if we understand it correctly, is not ideological.” – Todd McGowan http://ift.tt/1QE0zdl

“What Hegel calls “pure self-recognition in absolute otherness,” is called by Todd McGowan “a recognition that one’s identity exists outside oneself in the object that appears most other to oneself”” – ANDRE VANTINO http://ift.tt/1eimg3j

“an object … exists only insofar as it is lost. This loss of what the subject doesn’t have institutes the death drive, which produces enjoyment through the repetition of the initial loss. Subjects engage in acts of self-sacrifice and self-sabotage because the loss enacted reproduces the subject’s lost object and enables the subject to enjoy this object. Once it is obtained, the object ceases to be the object. As a result, the subject must continually repeat the sacrificial acts that produce the object, despite the damage that such acts do to the subject’s self-interest. From the perspective of the death drive, we turn to violence not in order to gain power but in order to produce loss, which is our only source of enjoyment. Without the lost object, lile becomes bereft of any satisfaction.”— Enjoying What We Do Not Have – TODD MCGOWAN

“just as the death drive leads to self-sabotage, it also acts as the source of our enjoyment, and by shifting the terrain of emancipatory politics to that of enjoyment, psychoanalysis offers what Marxism’s political program could not.” – Marxism is able to theorize sacrifice as necessary for future pleasure, but it is unable to conceive sacrifice as an end in itself, as a source of enjoyment.
– TODD MCGOWAN http://ift.tt/1I0S1Kh

“In the act of identifying myself with a symbolic identity, I become who ideology wants me to become and thereby deny ..that I am never identical to what I am.” – Sartre links any affirmation of identity to bad faith. ..Bad faith accepts symbolic identity as accurately defining the subject, and thus it produces a subject without any awareness of its own role in constituting and taking on this identity. – TODD MCGOWAN http://ift.tt/1PAb2CV