“By denying the spectator access to the impossible object, Lynch here makes clear: ..the missing of the object is at once the way in which desire sustains itself.” – TODD MCGOWAN on how “when one retreats from the absence of the object one fantasizes its presence” + “leaves the domain of desire” as the domain that allows for the experience of lack http://ift.tt/1IeubLV

“..The visual world exists..through the distortion of the subject’s desire.” – ..Films go to great lengths to obscure the gaze +..to hide the..spectator desire from spectators’. ..‘When one encounters one’s..desire in..form of the gaze, the..solidity of the world collapses. – TODD MCGOWAN http://ift.tt/1OJRYHf

“The subject doesn’t sce the objet petit a, but its absence from the visual field is what makes the subject desire to look.” – the objet petit a remains fundamentally inaccessible. It has no actual existence but nonetheless serves to trigger the desire of the subject. It is the inaction that transforms the everyday object into an object of desire, thereby eroticizing the visual field.

– The Impossible David Lynch – TODD MCGOWAN http://ift.tt/1HGUhFi