“There is something fundamentally disappointing about voyeurism: it never sees what it’s looking for but instead sees a moment created for its look.” – TTODD MCGOWAN http://ift.tt/1PvVJeF

“Neurosis derives from a belief that the Other has the object, that the Other has a hidden mode of enjoyment inaccessible by the subject—and this belief sustains the enjoyment that the neurotic obtains from fantasy.” – TODD MCGOWAN http://ift.tt/1FPJiFj

“fantasy allows the subject to relate to the lost object as an object that is simply out of reach.” – “fantasy is an imaginary scenario that fills in the gaps within ideology. In other words, it serves as a way for the individual subject to imagine a path out of the dissatisfaction produced by the demands of social existence. ..Fantasy creates an opening to the impossible object and thereby allows the subject to glimpse an otherwise inaccessible enjoyment.” (The Real Gaze) – Todd McGowan