“There is no ‘hard reality’ to which one can simply return, but there is nonetheless some ‘real’ that prevents us from freely floating from one to another virtual body in the fantasy space.” – The point ..is not ..that it is not possible to ..float freely in virtual space, but its exact opposite: how is it that we are never fully immersed in ..bodily reality, how is it that there is no ‘reality’ without the empty screen onto which we project fantasies? ‘Reality’ itself, to which we are compelled to return after every virtual escapade, needs the fantasmatic frame as the ultimate support of its consistency.- THE ABYSS OF FREEDOM, p. 77



there is no “true reality” behind or beneath phenomena; noumena are phenomenal things which are “too strong,” too intense or intensive, for our perceptual apparatus, attuned as it is to constituted reality.

Deleuze’s point is … that one should subtract the opposition between phenomena and things-in-themselves, between the phenomenal and the noumenal, from its Kantian context, where noumena are transcendent things that forever elude our grasp.

What Deleuze refers to as “things-in-themselves” are in a way even more phenomenal than our shared phenomenal reality: they are the impossible phenomena, the phenomena excluded from our symbolically constituted reality.

s. zizek