“When the subject encounters a lack in the Other, he responds ..with his own lack” – [Wagner’s Tristan is] the murderer of her betrothed. When ..Isolde raised the sword to stab him, the suffering ..surrender ..aroused ..her love + she ..let him go.
– SLAVOJ ZIZEK on love as a way of accepting lack http://ift.tt/1EEFZTg


“This femininity scorned by Nietzsche is the “eternal Feminine,” the phantasmatic support of the actual subordination of women; ..Nietzsche’s scorn for Wagner’s “feminization”..is thus much closer to feminism than the Wagnerian elevation of woman as man’s redeemer.” – “Nietzsche perceives in Wagner the lack of an..assertive..male attitude—instead of the..rhythmic..edifice, his music indulges in the “feminized”..ocean of feeling.” – Slavioj Zizek