The Kantian Real is the noumenal Thing beyond phenomena. – SLAVOJ ZIZEK

The Hegelian Real is the gap itself between the phenomenal and the noumenal, the gap which sustains freedom. – SLAVOJ ZIZEK

(source: “Deleuze As Hegelian”)

“The ultimate Woman does not exist, that is, the elevated ideals that many men have of women. This is why Lacan says ‘Woman does not exist’.” – Woman as such a symptom of man means that the actual woman is misunderstood or even avoided precisely because she ‘represents the radical negativity which constitutes all subjects,’ as Zizek phrases it.

“the servant (mis)perceives the Master as amassing jouissance, and gets back (steals from the Master) little crumbs of jouissance.” – these small pleasures (the awareness that he can also manipullate the Master), silently tolerated by the Master, not only fail to present any threat to the Master but, in fact, constitute the ‘libidinal bribery’ which maintains the servant’s servitude. – SLAVOJ ZIZEK

The sacrificial gesture does not aim at some exchange with the Other to whom we sacrifice: its more basic aim is, rather, to ascertain that there is some Other out there who is able to (or not) to our sacrificial entreaties. Even if the Other does not grant my wish, I can at least be sure that there is an Other who next time, maybe, will respond differently: the world out there, inclusive of all the catastrophes that may befall me, is not a blind meaningless automaton, but a partner in a possible dialogue, so that even a catastrophic outcome is to be read as a meaningful response, not as a realm of blind chance. Did Somebody Say Totalitarianism – SLAVOJ ZIZEK