zizekfiles – “The very act of recognition makes me what I recognize myself as.” – S.Zizek

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The very act of recognition makes me what I recognize myself as.

– Slavoj Zizek




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zizek on zizek

hysterics and the question about the desire the other has for oneself

objet a and the desire the other seems to have as an answer to what am I. 1999

objet a in desire vs in drive. From Less Than Nothing

objet a is a purely representational illusion created on the level of language as tool for imagination

objet a is not the master signifier

Zizek against reading Kafka as %22writer who revealed the fantasmatic basis of the totalitarian bureaucratic machinery, yet was himself unable to resist its fatal attraction%22

Zizek on a Deleuzian Hegel of flux and intensities without identities

Zizek on anti-semitism as a reactionary reaction of reassertinga nonlacking subjectivity and reality

zizek on cynicism vs sublimation in kung fu panda
zizek on david lynch as anti-anti-feminist

Zizek on how ‘ we are not originally observers of the drama of reality, but part of the tableau staged for the void of a non‐existing gaze.’

Zizek on how Fantasy is a means for an ideology to take its own failure into account in advance [to justify why it has forever not yet achieved wholeness

Zizek on how not to ask if someone’s motives are genuine, i.e. if larry page is up for good or if hr seeks world domination for sheer sake of power itself

Zizek on how tackling the dangerous demand for a new master or life coach and how this demand is a way to avoid yhe core of psychoanalysis

Zizek on how the big Other is in itself inconsistent, not-all, structured around a lack, a constitutive failure [and how thus the subject has nothing to identify with except] identifying with this very void in its midst, with the point at which the

Zizek on how the image as screen and veil creates ‘itself the illusion that there is something behind it—as one says in everyday language, with the veil, there is always something left to the imagination… by hiding nothing, the veil creates the sp

Zizek on how the law’s unwritten underside makes cynics of us precisely in how our overidentifying with the law

Zizek on how to avoid being too directly exposed to this terrifying abyss of the other and to cope with the anxiety-provoking encounter of the other’s desire

Zizek on Kant’s trAnsxendental object as the void causing the subject

Zizek on modern subjectivity coping with the void at its centre

Zizek on nonviolent change and its limits

Zizek on Orson Wells’ Reading of Kafka

Zizek on seeing more in things than the things themselves

Zizek on shyness and shame in how we ] we blush … when our most intimate mode of enjoyment is publicly revealed

Zizek on the ghosts and stains of inconsistency at the core of what makes our reality consistent

Zizek on the role of objet a in making up what becomes reality

Zizek on who is more phallic – women or men

Zizek says the gaze connotes the very opposite of power – impotence – in so far as i t involves the position of an immobilized witness who cannot but observe what goes on.%0A

Zizek writes, The problem of contemporary media resides n o t in their enticing us to confound fiction with reality but, rather, i n their ‘ hyperrealist’ character by means of which they saturate the void that keeps open the space for symbolic fict

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